DIM ELITE 250mg plus Dong Quai, Vitamin E & BioPerine (2-4 month supply) - DIM Supplement for Menopause Relief, PCOS Treatment & Hormonal Acne Treatment - Diindolylmethane Aromatase Inhibitor 120 Caps

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DIM with Dong Quai, Vitamin E & BioPerine Is The Secret To Managing Excess Estrogen

This Amazing Supplement Is The Answer To Why We Eat Our Vegetables

DIM, short for Di-indolyl Methane, is an effective substance that is found naturally in cruciferous veggies. Naturally happening DIM promotes beneficial metabolism of estrogen. For our bodies to receive the complete benefit of this vibrant compound, we 'd have to eat 2 pounds of cruciferous veggies every day. Now you can receive the complete benefit of DIM in little easy to swallow veggie capsules!Why natural DIM is a "Must-have":

DIM attends to the unsafe "Estrogen supremacy" that often takes place, by promoting the metabolism of the unstable estrogens: Estrone, and estradiol. Females generally have excessive estradiol and estrone levels however lacking estriol levels • This procedure can result in a loss of the body fat that excessive estrogen causes • DIM is an incredible estrogen blocker for guys, and assists maintain testosterone • Hormonal health and balance promoted by DIM, increases lean muscle mass and much healthier breast and cervical cells • Evolved Organics DIM is Extra Strength of 250mg with 2 pills day-to-day (2 month supply) or 125mg with 1 capsule day-to-day (4 month supply) if that's all your body needs • Vitamin E & BioPerine present in our DIM enhances bioavailability and absorption of DIM, suggesting you get the complete benefit • Our Vegan, non-GMO, soy and gluten free DIM is made in a cGMP facility. 2-4 months supply depending upon what dose works best for your body.There is a factor
it's the # 1 DIM formula on Amazon. And it will work for you too, or we'll offer you your cash back, no concerns asked!SUGGESTED USE: Start with 1 capsule when each day
with food to help optimize absorption. If well tolerated at 1 capsule daily and increased effects are wanted, increase to 1 capsule twice each day with food.

Product Features

SUPERIOR EXTRA STRENGTH DIM ELITE - Our Premium DIM combines Diindolylmethane, Dong Quai, Vitamin E and Bioperine. We combined the three best hormonal balance ingredients from nature to provide the ultimate, synergistic aromatase inhibitor blend for men & women. DIM ELITE adds just the right amount of each for maximum results of menopause relief, PCOS treatment, hormonal acne treatment. 120 Micro-Encapsulated vegan caps manufactured in NSF cGMP facility ensuring you get all that DIM can offer. CHOOSE WHAT DOSAGE IS RIGHT FOR YOUR BODY - A single bottle DIM plus Dong Quai, Vitamin E & BioPerine contains 120 capsules (2-4 month supply). Other DIM supplements only contains 60 caps. Not ours! 2 small veggie capsules contain 250mg DIM, 200mg Dong Qaui, 100IU Vitamin E for enhanced bioavailability and healthy skin, plus 6mg BioPerine for absorption. If your body responds better to a lower dosage, simple take just one capsule daily for a 4 month supply. The choice is yours!? INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS FOR WOMEN - DIM supports healthy estrogen levels through proper estrogen metabolism and regulation of estrogen production, reducing the overall effects of estrogen in the body. DIM promotes conversion of estrogen to healthy metabolites, leading to a better balance of natural estrogens in your body. DIM can help ease menopause symptoms, minimize the effects of estrogen on your weight, and support overall breast and reproductive health MEN BENEFIT FROM DIM JUST AS MUCH AS WOMEN - DIM supports healthy hormone levels in men by helping to maintain ideal testosterone levels while optimizing estrogen-testosterone ratios. This can lead to improved lean body mass while promoting a healthy sex drive and helping to boost energy levels. In addition, by supporting a healthy prostate, DIM can also positively affect the normal frequency of nighttime urination in men. LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Soy-free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan and absolutely no gross magnesium stearate or titanium dioxide. Made in the USA in our NSF cGMP certified facility and validated by an ISO accredited laboratory to ensure purity and quality. If you aren't completely thrilled with your DIM purchase for any reason, simply contact Evolved Organics directly for a full refund. No Excuses, No Games. Just the best guarantee of any DIM on Amazon.

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